"The whole world is my art studio"
Aliya Kovalenko, is a traveling artist and sketcher from Russia. She constantly lives and works in Yekaterinburg. Aliya is very inspired by nature around the world while working on her canvas paintings and sketches. Being a professional psychologist and art therapist, Aliya takes a lot of ideas for her art from communication and working with different people.
"Art is my life"
Aliya worked as graphic designer (2006 - 2012) before she started to sketch everything she saw in her family travel adventures. Since 2015 Aliya decided to educate herself as an artist and started to study in private professional art workshops and mastery programms in Russia and USA. In 2018, she began to work as an artist constantly. Now she devotes her life into travel, painting and communication with people around the world.
"There is nothing more beautiful, inspiring and bewitching than nature and the path of а human"
Aliya's art inspired by human and nature is a mixture of bright colors, sketches, mixed media techniques, ideas "that hover around us", and a little magic and love.
For Aliya the most interesting thing is what's hiding behind the painting. Why someone wants to buy and live with it? She thinks, one feels and sees the best version of oneself behind the painting and wants to live and communicate with this energy everyday, becoming this best version of oneself step by step. That's how art changes us.
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